MasterCraft X-80 Full Blown Audio
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This boat arrived with an existing system with four 10-inch woofers distributed around the interior in four different locations. We maintained one 10-inch air suspension subwoofer in the bow zone. We custom built dual compound-loaded bandpass enclosures (port to port), each with a JL Audio 13W6 driver. The enclosures were fitted into the port side rear bench seat console. This was no easy task. The ports are angled down by 5 degrees to discourage water from getting into the enclosures. The two ports exit into a pan and adapters that seal and couple the output to the boat interior via a large surface area vent. The bottom of the pan is angled with drains at the bottom for any water that may enter from the outside vent. The purpose of this subwoofer design is twofold. One is to collect the energy from two subs for a single source. Two, is to seal off and eliminate the large under-seat cavity and adjoining gunnel cavities that would serve to rob us of some of the bass energy. This subwoofer system, as designed, is 100 percent direct radiating. And it works! You will not only feel the compression in your chest, it will suck the breath out of your lungs if you get too close on heavy bass material. I was seriously disoriented after just a few minutes of listening to Bottom Feeders.

There is a bass level control under dash.
A vinyl clad subwoofer vent uses a painted stainless steel mesh with hidden rear reinforcement.

Two JL Audio 13W6 bandpass enclosures run end to end.

Each is driven by its own JL Audio MHD750/1. These dual BP enclosures, compound loaded and powered by twin HD750/1s are 12 dB more output than a single 13W6 in a sealed box powered by a single HD750/ the equivalent of 16 times the amplifier power.
A matching vinyl panel includes a new locking storage compartment which serves to cover the previous woofer location.
A matching dummy vent and interior panel on the other side seals the opposite seating console and covers the opening left by the previous subwoofer.
Four JL Audio M770 components in the cockpit.
The bow features a dedicated 10-inch JL Audio sub in a rhino-lined sealed enclosure plus a pair of JL Audio M770s.
The bow area features a dedicated and local zone control for the bow occupants who may want to cut back on the volume from time to time.
The tower includes four Wetsounds Rev10s plus a single Rev410. The tower speakers are fanned out for wider dispersion and to minimize off-axis comb filtering.
One JL Audio MHD600/4 is run in the three channel mode and drives the entire bow zone including the 770 components and 10-inch sub.

A second MHD600/4 drives the four cockpit 770 components.

Three MHD750/1s drive the five tower speakers.

Two MHD750/1s drive the two 13.5-inch subwoofers.

So the seven amplifier total system conservatively approaches 5000 watts.

Lit up amp rack!
The amplifier panel uses four fans, two top and two bottom, to assist with cooling given the tight proximity of the seven amplifiers.

A Clarion source unit supports helm and transom remote controls.

A Wetsounds EQ just below the HU.

A battery box holds six 6 volt golf cart batteries.
The lid is elevated for venting.
Concealed on the side are two jumper posts for easy charger access.
Circuit breakers before being installed.
The circuit breakers are mounted to the side of the battery box with a removable protective cover.
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