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One of our most popular radar procedures is to hardwire a concealed power line into the overhead visor area for your portable radar detector. This allows for quick and easy removal and reinstallation. Most importantly, a hidden cable eliminates the cigarette lighter cord from hanging in your vision.

We offer all of the latest Escort and Passport radar and laser defense systems.

Undetectable Radar

Now, it’s “Hasta la vista, baby” to traffic tickets forever. The K40 undetectable provides the ultimate in radar detection and protection.

With a radar/laser receiver mounted in the front bumper of your car, and another mounted in the rear bumper, the K40 not only detects the radar/laser; it also tells you which direction its coming from. Separate audible and visual alerts for both front and rear detection are custom installed in your instrument cluster.

Front and rear indicator LEDs flushed into the instrument cluster. Laser diffuser.

K40 provides the fastest, most powerful stop cop technology available. K40 is so confident they will pay any radar ticket you get for the first year of ownership.


In the early 80’s, EARMARK began stealth radar detector installations by converting visor mount Escort radar detectors to remote mount. We separated the control panel from the cast antenna bell and its circuitry. The control panel was flushed into the dash, or into a custom trim panel replacing the ashtray. In many cases, we made the system further undetectable by locating the controls, strength meter and buzzer as individual elements within the dash instrument panel. The antenna was installed in a non-metallic watertight case and mounted flush in the bumper, behind the grill or behind plastic trim. A shielded cable connected the nose and dash circuitry.

Our customers got the best radar detector technology that was available at the time while having it totally concealed. A remote unit eliminates the worry over “crash & grab” thefts and ends the inconvenience of constantly removing and reattaching a visor or glass mount with every stop and go. Vehicle owners, especially those with exotic sports cars, also noted that state boys where often agitated by radar detectors and the implication that the drivers intended to speed. Remote mounts eased the problem since the radar unit is undetectable.

Later, radar detector manufacturers began to supply multi-component radar products that were designed for remote installations. Also, this brought about separate front and rear radar detectors and laser diffusers. EARMARK continues to elevate the installation to a new and higher level of integration. We convert underdash radar control panels to separate indash elements that are often so integrated you cannot detect them until they are operational. We also have pioneered inventive ways of mounting the radar sensors and laser jammers so they perform at their optimum level with improved concealment.

Over the years EARMARK has specialized in undetectable radar detector installations on countless Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Vipers, Vettes and everything else that goes fast. These car owners have so enjoyed the performance and convenience of these systems that many now equip every car, truck or SUV they own with an undetectable. Click on Radar Detector Install Photos for examples of our creative installations.

Why a laser detector/jammer unit versus just a laser detector?

When the trigger on a radar gun is pulled, the targeted vehicle is usually a tenth to an eighth mile away in urban areas or a quarter mile away in rural areas. The radar signal emits from the source in a conical cone shaped pattern. At a quarter mile the main focus of the radar beam is 20 to 25 feet in diameter. Consequently there is a lot of stray radar “overspray” which can be picked up by trailing cars as far away as two to three miles depending upon terrain and traffic density. This usually provides plenty of time to judge the intensity and react accordingly.

A laser signal on the other hand has a diameter of 16 to 24 inches at a quarter mile range. There is no “overspray” to give you an advance warning. So if your laser detector is triggered while speeding, you might as well begin slowing down to accept your ticket.

A laser jammer constantly transmits a shifting, oscillating infrared light pattern. This combines with the official laser beam on the bounce back to the laser gun preventing it from locking on for a fix reading for at least 8 seconds and up to 15 seconds. This allows you ample time to check and safely reduce your speed if necessary.

Radio frequency transmission and light transmission are regulated by separate governing commissions. While a laser diffuser is legal, a radar jammer constitutes an illegal radio transmission.