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vig6.png igla alarm

Vehicle will not start

Unless you know the pin code using factory buttons, the vehicle will not start

big5-140x140.png igla alarm dfw hellcat hell cat trx


Device not showing
itself until the PIN code
is entered

vig_0003_Layer-5.png igla dfw

Service mode

When you are needing to have your vehicle serviced, you can activate service mode for 15 minutes of driving

av3.png author alarm igla alarm hellcat trx track hawk

Digital Kill

Modern CAN and LIN bus communication for digital protection

vig_0007_Layer-1.png igla alarm author alarm dfw igla alarm trx hellcat srt 392

Engine safe

Will not harm or damage vehicle wiring keeping your warranty intact

comf1.png hellcat trx igla alarm


The devices small size and our expert installation make it almost impossible to find

IGLA_IGLA PRO-02.jpg, igla logo, igla alarm, author alarm
Igla Alarm retail box TRX Hellcat Track Hawk Mopar Author Alarm

Modern cars have highly sophisticated electrical systems. Our technicians have continued education to keep up with advancing technology. Igla Alarm keeps your vehicle protected by not allowing it to start or prevent it from going into gear. You utilize existing factory buttons to input a pin code of your choosing. It is as simple as that. Protect your Hellcat, TRX, Track Hawk, Raptor, Z71 Silverado and more.

Pricing starts at $1200 for most vehicles installed.

Please fill out the contact form below or give us a call or text 972-612-6886.

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