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No more shattered glass or smash and grab situations

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Prevent glare from the sun and headlights from blinding you

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Block up to 70% of solar heat for a cooler ride

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Less air-conditioner usage means less fuel burned

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You know it looks better with tint

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Equivalent to SPF 285

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For the ride of your life

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Help protect your seats and dash from harmful UV light

FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic Tint

FormulaOne® Pinnacle® automotive tint is one of our most popular products. It increases your cool factor in multiple ways, with excellent heat rejection and a broad range of charcoal shades. Whether you choose a look that’s light or dark, Pinnacle’s powerful nano-ceramic composition will help give your AC a break on searing hot days, help protect you and your interior from damaging UV rays, and help cut irritating glare.

Nonmetal for Optimal Connectivity

Because Pinnacle is 100% metal-free, it has no mirror-like appearance. It also won’t interfere with signals from your phone, GPS, keyless entry, or any of the other devices that keep you connected.

Warranty-Backed Durability

You’ll appreciate the impressive durability of Pinnacle ceramic window tint. It’s constructed from premium components such as color-stable dyes and a tough layer of scratch protection. Like all FormulaOne tint, Pinnacle comes with a transferable lifetime limited warranty* that covers your investment in auto tint. This warranty covers the tint even if your vehicle changes ownership.

FormulaOne Stratos Nano-Ceramic Window Tint

FormulaOne® Stratos™ is a top-of-the-line nano-ceramic window tint made for vehicle owners who simply won’t settle. In any shade, it creates a sleek look that can also add extra privacy for you and your belongings. Stratos features proprietary, non-metal Hybrid-Matrix construction for our maximum level of heat rejection and comfort. This premium tint blocks almost all the UV rays that cause premium interior finishes to crack and fade.

Full Featured is an Understatement

Because FormulaOne Stratos is our most luxurious tint, we didn’t hold back. Stratos is loaded with high-performance features:

  • Blocks more than 99% of damaging UV rays

  • Reduces annoying glare

  • Enhances on-the-road privacy

  • Helps hold shattered glass together for safety

  • Durable scratch resistance

  • Comes in a generous range of color-stable charcoal shades

Hybrid-Matrix Construction for Maximum Comfort

The proprietary Hybrid-Matrix construction, used exclusively for Stratos, has multiple layers loaded with heat-absorbing nano-ceramic particles. These layers work together, trapping infrared heat and helping to disperse it outward through your auto glass.

Our Best Transferable Lifetime Warranty

Drive with confidence after your Stratos tint installation with our ultimate coverage: a transferable lifetime limited warranty* that protects your investment in premium window tint. It lasts as long as you drive your vehicle, even if ownership changes.

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